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    Post by Devereaux on Wed Jun 11, 2014 4:22 pm

    The Lord is a nifty guy.

    Day or so ago I chronicled my particularly bad day, what with this and that not working for me. But I knew it was me. No swearing, etc. Just a look at myself and how badly I had done for something that should have been simple.

    So today my wife informs me that there's water down in my "gun" room (or maybe I should call it my "utility" room - sounds better). Just great! Here it is Tuesday, rainy, my nerve issue is hurting like heck, I started a new medicine and IT seems to be causing me to be nauseous. No wait! It's WEDNESDAY - everything else applies.

    Anyway, she informs me that we are going to have to get someone down there to look at the foundation wall (behind cedar lining), and do I want them wandering around in my "utility" room. Ah, certainly not alone. So what to do.

    Reluctantly I begin assessing the "stuff" there. There are 2 AR rifles on a table, an AR upper, tools, ammo, brass, you name it. I decide, again reluctantly, to "clean up" a little. I start organizing some things. The AR's go upstairs, there being no room in the safe (LONG ago!), and the parts of a Garand also go into a box.  I begin to move the recoil springs I have for AR carbines also to another box, and the buffer falls on the ground - on the other side of the table. So I go around to get it - and I see a .308 round on the floor. Now, I bought some Brazilian match .308 and when I got home the box broke and some of the rounds spilled on the floor. So I decide to put the stuff in a nice blue box (from Dillon) - and when I'm done, why I'm short one round. Now I know it couldn't be anywhere else, so I get a flashlight to look for it under the movable rack I got for all kinds of stuff that was lying around, and there it is, under the rack. BUT. I mean BUT REALLY  - there's that pesky follower that shot out of my Wilson mag a couple days ago!!!!! I was flabbergasted! It was in totally a different direction than I thought it would be.

    SO! I am really happy! I got some improvement in the "pile" that was on the table, I got my AR's out of there, I found my follower, I transferred all the match .308 into blue boxes as that Brazilian stuff was junk paper. AND I found a small catalog from Brownell's with "new" stuff that I will have to peruse. I already found something I might want to buy.

    WHAT A DAY! (Rain and all.)
    Doc Wesson
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    Re: Redemption

    Post by Doc Wesson on Wed Jun 11, 2014 4:46 pm

    We need a LIKE button for posts.....

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    Re: Redemption

    Post by Tennessee Jed on Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:22 pm

    Inspiring. Never ceases to amaze me how, when I think something is the sign of the end of my little world as I know it, that thing usually tends to be the beginning of something much better. Thanks Dev.

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    Re: Redemption

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