Another Police Shooting

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    Another Police Shooting

    Post by Devereaux on Fri Sep 26, 2014 11:24 am

    The news is showing yet another police shooting. This time the video is relatively complete, and there doesn't seem - to me - to be any serious reason for the officer shooting the victim.

    This seems to be a pattern around the nation. Ferguson is not part of that pattern, but numerous other places have been. Cops these days are walking around shooting people with impunity. I recollect a recent shooting in LA where some guy who was a "known drug dealer" was told to stop and he ran. And the cop shot him dead. Philadelphia has had several such episodes, some with shooting, some with only harassment, ESPECIALLY if you had a CCW.

    On top of that, we have all the evidence of the DOD giving police forces around the nation MRAP's and armored vehicles. Assault rifles have been issued. These are not "patrol rifles" in the AR style, as one finds in a number of squads. These are fully automatic rifles.

    Modern police training seems to emphasise shooting, not arresting. Cops today seem spring loaded in the shooting mode. I fully understand that the officer is at some risk, but then the job entails risk; if you are risk-averse, become a disc jockey at a radio station.

    All this seems to point to the evolvement of an occupying force, not a police force. Yesterday's cop had street smarts; today's cop has a degree in criminal justice. Yesterday's cop was skilled at DEFUSING situations; today's cop shoots.

    We have a modern tendency to claim hero-status for cops. But police have a long and very well documented history of corruption and violence. Today's tendencies are not necessariy "corrupt" but they do not promote peace, nor freedom. And we as a nation often seem to be at odds with our professed principles. We believe in 2A, yet in Iraq we INSISTED that the populace be UNARMED - and took a weapon as a sign of being a terrorist. By that standard it isn't really surprising that Homeland Security would label vets as terrorists.

    There is some serious realignment needed in the nation.

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