Wilson Combat AR Parts Sale

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    Wilson Combat AR Parts Sale

    Post by Devereaux on Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:49 pm

    Wilson Combat is having a sale on lowers and matched upper and lowers. The lowers appear to be $100 each. They come in a bunch of colours. All have the "enhanced" trigger guard. The usual BS about really close tolerances, yada, yada, yada.

    The matched pair includes the lower and a matched upper in the same colour. Price seems to be $150 for the whole bit, which would make the upper only an additional $50.

    I think WC makes some good stuff, but it is usually pricey. I have their .300BLK barrel at 16". It shoots very well. I also bought their flash suppressor, which is ... a flash suppressor. I really don't notice whether it is anything else. I know all the gunners speak of the effect of muzzle brakes, but while I actually have noted the difference on a Model 41 S&W Target .22, on the rifle I don't notice it. But then, the .300BLK is hardly a heavy recoiling cartridge.

    Here's your chance, CF! $1350 for a basically custom AR in .300BLK, complete with Geissele trigger (I added $100 for miscellaneous expenses).

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