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    Bullet Casting resources online

    Post by sthwestvictoria on Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:34 am

    These are the two I mentions in my voicemail on the show:
    http://www.m1911.org/ezine/casting.htm   - evolution of the wheelweight
    http://www.lasc.us/Fryxell_Book_textonly2.pdf  - From Ingot to Target free pdf eBook

    Other resources:
    http://1drv.ms/1kRmH38  - some old manuals, data mostly out of date but casting information the same
    http://www.castpics.net/subsite2/ClassicWorks/default.html  - NRA casting handbook

    Off line the Lyman Cast Handbook 4th Ed is very good, lots of load data and casting tips.
    The regular Lyman handbooks have cast data in them - current is 47th Ed?
    The online ADI and Hodgdon pdf data guides have some load data with lead for cowboy guns.

    Doc I would be very happy to come on at some stage and talk about cast bullet hows and wherefores. Cornmastah on this forum also does lots of casting.

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