SIG Nightmare 1911 chambered in 357 SIG


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    SIG Nightmare 1911 chambered in 357 SIG

    Post by Otis2 on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:06 pm

    I've been wanting a 1911 in 357 SIG for a while now, turns out a dealer nearby had some in stock. Paid him a visit on Good Friday and just couldn't walk out empty handed. The manufacture date on the sticker is March 28, 2015, so this baby was still warm from the oven.

    On the way home, stopped by the range to run some rounds down the pipe. Was thinking I'd run 50 and come home. It turned out to be so nice a shooter, I ended up putting a couple hundred rounds down range, it didn't miss a single beat the entire session. I was very concerned about the mags, they didn't feel quite up to snuff, but they were up to the challenge of the day. No misfeeds and the slide locked back each time the mag was emptied out. Using the Uplahoopla thing a majig, I was able to load 9 rounds into each mag with little to no problem. One of the mags had a bit wider feed lips so it was a bit of a challenge inserting to the magwell the first few times, but this settled down with a bit of insertion. Top Gun Supply ran a sale on some Mecgar mags Easter weekend, I ordered some 1911 10mm mags from them. As I don't own a Mecgar 1911 mag, this will be a step for me to determine whether the mags that came with this Nightmare are, in fact, Mecgars.  Based on the Mecgars that I have since received, I'm guessing the mags that came with the Nightmare are Checkmates.

    This handgun is one nice shooting 1911! I'm very happy with it in every regard functionally. I've gone ahead and ordered some WC mags just to have backups, I will probably use the WC's if I decide to carry this gun and the factory for range use. Also, a set of stainless ambi thumb safeties are coming from WC.  If you are already invested in 357 SIG ammo and are looking for a great 1911, I highly recommend this weapon.  Even if you aren't invested in 357 SIG, this will be an appropriate gateway handgun to introduce you to the fine shooting round with incredible ballistics.

    Here it is next to my Nightmare 1911 chambered in 45 ACP. I just might keep the factory grips on the 357 SIG model. Not sure, gonna have to give it some thought.

    Here is a comparison of the guts of the slides side by side, comparing the 45 ACP and 357 SIG models.  The only difference I can see between the two models is the feedramp, the 357 SIG model has one and the 45 ACP model has your typical 1911 ramp.  There is a cosmetic difference in the hammers, but I don't see that as significant.
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    Re: SIG Nightmare 1911 chambered in 357 SIG

    Post by Tennessee Jed on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:42 pm

    Dang, that is a pretty neat pistol. I've never seen a 357 Sig 1911 before. But now that I think about it, I think it's a great idea.

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