Paul Carlson rocks! (and "Why the Glock 43")


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    Paul Carlson rocks! (and "Why the Glock 43")

    Post by Dirty Bob on Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:18 am

    Paul Carlson is doing the kind of thing that all of us should be doing: treating others as human beings and winning people to "our side" of the great gun debate.

    Do yourselves a favor: read the blog post below:

    Donna isn't a "high-speed low-drag 'operator'", but she's exactly the kind of person that all of us should be taking to the range. Paul Carlson shows us how it's done, and he should be applauded.

    I try to take new shooters to the range, but after reading the above blog post, I intend to redouble my efforts. It's the right thing to do, and I thank Paul for being such a good example for the rest of us!

    All my best,
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    Re: Paul Carlson rocks! (and "Why the Glock 43")

    Post by Devereaux on Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:53 pm

    Good post. I agree it is very useful to introduce people to shooting. AND it is very important to do so in a non-threatening way. Giving someone some whopper of a firearm will most certainly turn them away from further involvement.

    Glocks are particularly good guns to start people off on. I once had a 17 and introduced numerous people to shooting. They all had a great time. I have since sold that gun, and now have nothing to take people shooting with except a .22. That isn't a bad start, but one must set the target no more than about 20' (7 yd) in order for them to have success in actually hitting a target. That, too, is important. My wife, who was most anti-gun for a long time despite a house full of guns (I of course no longer have any guns, having divested myself of them in accordance with the government's wishes for me to be unarmed) ended up liking shooting .22's - and especially the Ace conversion. I guess it's somewhat heavier feel allowed her to shoot more steadily.

    Teaching people to shoot is important. Teaching YOUNG people to shoot is even more important.

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