The Marvelous Original M&P (S&W Model 10)

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    The Marvelous Original M&P (S&W Model 10)

    Post by Tennessee Jed on Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:10 pm

    A couple of months ago, I bought a 1978 S&W Model 10. Has a 4 inch skinny barrel, and when it arrived, it looked like it had never been fired.

    I bought in the hopes that my mother could have a handgun for home defense that she could shoot well, and hopefully even enjoy shooting.

    I took her to the range with the Model 10 for the second time over the weekend. Shot a classic handload (158 LSWC with 3.4 grains of Bullseye) that is perfect for the fixed sights, point of aim is right on. It's not too hard for recoil, and not too far away from the FBI load she keeps in it for defense.

    That revolver continues to amaze me. My mother, who probably never shot a handgun more than a few times in her life, is now landing everything in an 8 inch circle at 13 yards, shooting double action at a reasonable pace. She enjoys shooting it, which is something of a miracle.

    The more I work with her shooting this revolver, the more amazed I am by it. Balance is perfect. It weighs enough to minimize recoil, but not so much to make it difficult to keep on target. It's big enough of a frame to allow a good solid grip, but not too big.

    If my mother can shoot the Model 10 this well, double action, at this range, then I am convinced anyone could shoot it well.

    And I guess that was the whole point for this model, to be able to give it to any police officer, soldier, or civilian, and have them shooting it well in no time at all.

    I always wanted one before for the nostalgic factor. I'm gonna have to get at least one more. If you don't have one, I recommend it highly.

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