Really "Long" Guns

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    Really "Long" Guns

    Post by Cornmastah on Tue May 17, 2016 9:46 pm

    This last Saturday I went shooting with some work buddies.  Everyone was having a really good time dusting off their AR's and hunting rifles, etc...  People started shooting at the steel plate I placed at about 375 yards on the side of one of the hills.  They were shooting their AR's and hunting rifles at it making sure their rifles were still sighted in.  While they were trying to hit that steel plate, I pulled out some of my "really long" guns.  I brought my Swedish Mauser (6.5x55) made in 1922 as well as my Swiss K1911 (7.5x55)--both of which are very long rifles.  

    I first pulled out the Swede and adjusted the rear sight slightly and then let a round loose.  "Bong!"  I hit it first try with iron sights.  Second shot, "Bong!"  My coworker came over after that and asked what I was shooting.  I let him try, and after I told him what sight picture to use, he proceeded to hit it 3 times in a row.  I pulled out the Swiss k1911 and missed the first shot slightly because I failed to adjust for wind (the 6.5x55 didn't need any wind holdover).  After holding slightly to the side of the target, I proceeded to hit it multiple times in a row.  That same coworker also hit the target several times.  The Swiss rifle hit the gong a lot harder, but the Swedish rifle was easier to shoot, kicked less, and didn't need much adjustment for wind at that distance.

    I was amazed that these old battle rifles which are approaching 100 years of age are still such great shooters.  That 6.5 Swedish mauser is probably my favorite battle rifle.  A lot of people shoot that rifle very well--and the reduced recoil of the 6.5 cartridge makes it more pleasurable to shoot than the 30 cal and 8mm rifles.  Everybody gets a kick out of the straight pull action of the Swiss rifles and the Steyr though.

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    Re: Really "Long" Guns

    Post by Devereaux on Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:21 pm

    I believe the Swiss 6.5 may be the most efficient cartridge any military had for a long, long time. Today we go for lightweight, but the 6.5 was a balance between weight and staying power.

    Battle rifles were meant to do battle. Not much surprise that they are durable.

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