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    Post by Devereaux on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:05 pm

    I have heard mixed reviews of bullpups. Not sure just why, though.

    I recollect (and had an opportunity to buy one) the Steyr, or some such, bullpup that looked like some spacegun, with the strange telescope that kind of doubled as a handle. I am told it was a fine weapon, but the one I saw was going for something like $2700. It had the accessory long barrel, but overall it was just more than I wanted to spend.

    I am noting a lot of military grade rifles are in the same cost range. M1's are >$1,000. M14 (or the civie version) seem to be >$2,000. This last amazes me. There are still receivers being made for 14's, so ?why are they so expensive.

    Tavors seem to be running about $15-1600. That, too, strikes me as being expensive. They, too, are mass-produced military rifles. They are modular in approach, so barrels swap out easily. So it again makes no sense to me that they cost as much as they do. I would be much more interested if they were $900-1,000.

    ?You guys have any thoughts. ?Still too early to get one.

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